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Put simply, we want to make an impact.


We've taken our commitment and our passion for Africa and coupled it with our individual strengths to develop products that we believe will make a positive change in the lives of the millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the continent. We want to do our part to remove the barriers to Africa fully realizing its growth potential.


We believe technology is the game changer that will level the playing field between larger corporations who have access to the best tools and services and small enterprises who can’t afford them.


We are guided by the following tenets:


"Provide a platform for entrepreneurs to spur innovation and accelerate the development of ideas from concept to market"


"Promote entrepreneurship and small business growth in Africa by providing affordable technology solutions that are customized to meet local requirements"


"Focus on entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in high growth sectors in African markets"


"Adopt innovative business models that encourage youth employment in our target markets"

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